About us

Design Systems International is a digital design consultancy

What we do

Design Systems International is equal parts dreamer and doer. We combine the intellectual and the practical, experimentation and optimization, innovation and execution, ideas and systems, so that our clients can move at the speed modern business requires.
  • Deliver across the full digital lifecycle from experimentation through to automation and systematization
  • Move between brand and product for a more powerful marketing message and a more distinctive product.
  • Go beyond component libraries to create differentiated, distinctive experiences that stand out
  • Iterate faster and more collaboratively with our clients, building real things from day one
  • Avoid wasting valuable engineering cycles translating traditional design deliverables to code
  • Orchestrate new ways of working by building custom workflows and tools to empower client teams


We help clients (re)imagine, design, and build the right systems to drive lasting growth.
  1. Experimentation

    Enabling our clients to understand what’s around the corner, stay ahead of the game, and avoid making wrong turns down the line.

  2. Product Innovation

    Push past the limits of component libraries to innovate uniquely differentiated and distinctive experiences.

  3. Connecting product and brand

    Ensure that distinctiveness and ease of use are working in harmony, without compromises across product and marketing.

  4. Turning design debt around

    Clean up design debt to create design systems that enable automation and consistency across channels and platforms.

  5. Automating and streamlining

    Shift your design workflows from a critical bottleneck to a smooth enabler of what you seek to achieve with custom tools, systems and workflows.

Martín and Esteban working while in New York.
Martín and Esteban working while in New York.
Rune and Martín presenting at Clarity 2018 in San Francisco.
Rune and Martín presenting at Clarity 2018 in San Francisco.

Our Process

Our integrated process merges design and engineering into a single capability in order to create remarkable digital experiences, and allow our clients to transition rapidly from experimentation to systematization.

We take a deeply collaborative approach by working directly with engineering and product teams, using real artifacts from day one. This enables them to create things you can see, touch, interact with, and build on, at speed.

Using this approach, we have helped many clients bridge the gap between design and engineering without wasting engineering cycles translating our designs to meet your needs.

Design Systems International represents where design is going in the next 5-10 years

Paul May


  • Google
  • TIAA
  • Processing Foundation
  • Statens Serum Institut
  • Pentagram
  • Fintual
  • MIT
  • Tom Ford
  • Chief
  • Cloudsmith
  • Georgia Tech
  • Arch Daily
  • O'Reilly
  • Block
  • RED Associates
  • BTG Pactual
  • Galaxy
  • AIxDesign