We are a multi-disciplinary team with a passion for exploring design through technology
Our diverse backgrounds enable us to design and build differentiated, distinctive experiences.
Rune and Martìn in Brooklyn
We believe close collaboration is the best way to bridge design and engineering.
Martín riding a Google bike in Mountain View
We're united by the idea that design goes beyond where traditional design tools can take you.
Martín giving a talk at Design Matters 2019
We're always looking to push the state of the art while keeping a focus on the human side of technology.
Fernando, Lauren and Esteban enjoying ice cream together
We are equal parts dreamers and doers. We combine the intellectual and the practical, experimentation and optimization, innovation and execution, ideas and systems

Studio Life

We are a fully remote team distributed across The United States, Germany, Chile, and Denmark.
Martin working behind the scenes of the Noa Noa project.
Screenshot of team meeting with 7 members.
Photo of Rune and Lauren having lunch in Copenhagen.
Photo of the Santiago team members in Santiago office.
Photo of Lucas in Copenhagen during a team meetup.
Esteban, Martín, and Rune in Santiago.
A team member in the copenhagen office
Screenshot of team meeting with 9 members.